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Moments dating app

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Moment is a dating app which help you to get know people easy and straightforward by letting you connect to people who are, or just were near you through the day! Your dreams can come true! You can get a second chance! Moment, the dating app. Guys, find that beautiful girl who smiled at you when you walked past each other on the street! Ladies, send a message to that cute guy who was sitting on the bus, or checks you out often, maybe they just need some encouragement! Just live in the Moment!.

I tried every major dating app, and the best one surprised me Year those too the to old a conversation right away, Tinder's "Moments" feature lets you see. Tinder is a dating app that lets users select people they are interested in. It then allows the people you are interested in to swipe left or right on photos to indicate​.

It began with the ultimate motivation: George and his co-founders were single, and realised they needed to enter the dating scene. Our whole focus and our value was to ditch the dating apps. We then realised we needed an app for people to break the ice when they are at our events.

So Honeypot became a dating app.